Summer high school trip 2020

Marimba band performing traditional music of the lake region.
Marimba band performing traditional music of the lake region.

Summer High School Service and Immersion Trip 2020

June 14-20, 2020

This program is for highly motivated and independent high school students to join other like-minded students for an immersive week of Mayan culture, language, and history while directly supporting our development projects in the Mayan highlands. 

Interested in joining our trip? Go to our resource page and submit a form here.

Join us this year for a cultural immersion and service trip in the Mayan highlands region of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. This 7-day program is for high school students interested in new cultures, languages, and people, with a focus on expanding your capacities in global citizenship.

Our goal is to explore the intersection of culture, history, and language of Lake Atitlán and it’s rural indigenous people with the contemporary challenges they face in their communities. We will work alongside families and children in the town of Santa Lucía Utatlán on development projects that address their need for improved nutrition, education and economic stability.   

Lake Atitlån region
Lake Atitlån region

Our program is based in two towns around the lake: Panajachel and San Juan la Laguna.  Each family stays together in a homestay, an ideal way to get to know how Guatemalans live; their customs, food, and culture. Families can brush up on their Spanish skills while having breakfast and dinner with their host families. After breakfast at our homestay, we visit cultural and historic sites that provide context and background, ranging from Mayan ruins, local cooperatives, and unique development programs, learning about local crafts, ancestral practices and rituals from local practitioners.

Afternoons are spent with our partner Mil Milagros, an established organization with 20 years of experience and deep connections in the region focusing on water, health, and nutrition. We will complement their work by building kitchens, classrooms and other projects, in the rural communities around Santa Lucía Utatlán and work side by side with community members on these authentic rural development projects.

For more on the communities and our work click here.

**Limited Financial Assistance available:

  1. ViviendasLeón: Fee Reduction for qualified students (Free Reduced Lunch and/or Tuition Assistance. up to $250 off with an additional $250 scholarship for qualifying students.
  2. Road Scholarship from SYTA Youth Foundation, up to $1,000 rewards. Process: ViviendasLeón will nominate interested students and support their application writing process.
  • Application Period: February 3, 2020 - March 20, 2020, Announced: Week of April 20, 2020. 

Next Steps:

  1. Fill out our Student Interest Form.
  2. Receive our Next Steps email filled with important information.
  3. Explore our Resource page and read our Travel Guide to get acquainted with the diverse types of experiences we offer.
  4. Once you’ve chosen your experience, submit a ViviendasLeón Application and start your trip preparation process.
  5. Get ready for your trip to Guatemala!

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